Mission Statement

Chaminade College Preparatory School, an independent,Catholic Day and Resident school, sponsored by the Marianist Province of the United States, is dedicated to developing the inherent spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical potential of young men in Sixth through Twelfth Grade so they are prepared for success in college and life and ultimately become the men the world needs them to be.

This is accomplished through emphasis on the Five Characteristics of Catholic Marianist Education

  • Educating for Formation in Faith MarianistLogo.jpg
  • Providing an Integral, Quality Education
  • Educating in Family Spirit
  • Educating for Service, Justice and Peace
    Educating for Adaptation and Change
Goal Objectives
  • To encourage and help all members of the Chaminade community to bear witness with a personal and committed faith that touches the heart
  • To promote a faith and culture dialogue which illumines reality from the perspective of the Catholic world view
  • To form students in the Gospel values and Christian attitudes
  • To elicit a personal commitment to a life of faith
  • To present the Marianist heritage and charism as a viable and dynamic approach to living the Gospel
  • To support and encourage those members who have chosen to take the Lay Marianist vows
  • To offer graduates the opportunity to continue their faith formation at one of the 3 Catholic Marianist universities
  • To promote quality education of the whole person
  • To provide a broad and coherent curriculum
  • To provide a well-formed, professional administration, faculty and staff
  • To develop respect for every person as a daughter or son of God, unique and individual
  • To develop an interior spirit and self-knowledge
  • To develop a concern for global and local issues of culture and ecology
  • To continue to utilize advancements in technology as they enhance the educational process
  • To utilize the school schedule to enhance educational and extracurricular activities
  • To foster a diverse faculty and staff as well as a diverse student body
  • To provide fiscal stability
  • To augment our physical facilities to provide for current and future needs
  • To create a favorable environment for a collegial approach to education
  • To offer graduates the opportunity to continue their educational pursuits at one of the 3 Catholic Marianist universities
  • To cultivate interpersonal relationships characterized by openness, respect, integrity and dialogue
  • To form an educational community with collaborative structures and processes
  • To express authority as loving and dedicated service
  • To promote a culture of kindness to bring about a sense of belonging
  • To invite and encourage graduates to continue in the charism of family spirit by attending one of the 3 Catholic Marianist universities
  • To promote a sense of stewardship for all of God’s creation
  • To educate for solidarity, justice, and peace
  • To promote the sacredness of human life in all stages and the inherent dignity of all people
  • To promote the dignity and rights of women and minorities
  • To encourage participation in service programs which attend to the poor and marginalized
  • To address the increasing cost of Catholic higher education by promoting the possibility of early entry into one of the 3 Catholic Marianist universities
  • To educate to adapt to an ever-changing world
  • To educate to accept and respect differences in a diverse society
  • To develop critical thinking skills in the search for Truth
  • To be open to local and global contexts through both classroom and experiential learning
  • To learn to respond and lovingly articulate Catholic teaching when presented with secular thinking
  • To be keenly aware and proactive regarding the students realistic opportunity to pursue their higher education at a Catholic Marianist university