Our Logo


The superimposed "M" recalls William Joseph Chaminade's devotion to Mary and his challenge to everyone to bring Christ to the world.

The Cross of Jesus is the main stem of the "M" and represents the coming of Jesus, through Mary, to earth.

The Star represents the light, the truth and the faith in the Good News of Jesus.

The Anchor indicates our faith which is the foundation of all we do.

The Lines throughout the seal represent the love that flows from one's life when built on gifts from God.

The Chaminade motto, "Esto Vir," Be A Man, reminds us that the purpose of a Marianist education is to identify and develop the full range of gifts and talents that God has placed in each person.

School Colors: Cardinal & White

Cardinal red symbolizes our love for God and neighbor which includes the sacrifice and suffering that accompanies every effort to grow in God's Will for us. This would certainly include the caring, sharing and service to others.

White represents the clarity in one's life, the one aim through life's ups and downs. It means sincerity and honesty within oneself and in our relationships with others.