Alpha Bangura


Science, Biology, AP/ACC Biology, Forensic Science
Meyer House, House Mentor

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Phone Number 314-993-4400 x1226

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Five Characteristics of Catholic Marianist Education
1.       Educating for Formation in Faith
2.      Providing an Integral, Quality Education
3.    Educating in Family Spirit
4.     Educating for Service, Justice and Peace
5.      Educating for Adaptation and Change


                                      Meyer House   

University of Liberia/United Nations Frontline Eduction Project , B.S. '96
Secondary Biology
Universite National De Cote D'Ivoire(Ivory Coast), D.E.U.G. '01
General French Studies
UMSL, M.Ed. '07
Secondary Education/Science Education
UMSL, A.B.D. '11
Science Education/Biology

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