WeiWei Chien


Classical & Modern Languages, Chinese, ACC Chinese 3
Gray House, Middle School Mentor

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Phone Number 314-993-4400 x1242

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你nǐ 好hăo

欢huān 迎yíng !

Welcome to Chinese World.

Learning a new language is a way to open your mind to the world.  Come participate in an adventure as we explore the Chinese language, people, and extraordinary culture.

I am from Taiwan and am fluent in Chinese, English and French.  I personally value the importance of learning new languages and cultures because I was able to benefit tremendously from it in both my professional and personal life.  I used French and English in my previous occupation in the business world.  As a brand and marketing manager, I worked in Taiwan and France and other Asian countries.  My opportunity to see the cultural differences caused me to gain an appreciation that I wish to share with others.  I married an American from St. Louis, and I communicate with him and the family in English.

Now I am teaching Chinese to American students.  Language shapes and colors my world.  It is my experience that unless you become immersed in the culture and history associated with the language, you may struggle.  Students in my classes who put the effort into learning will find it rewarding.  Along this journey we will also have some fun.

I teach at Chaminade since 2010 and am in education since 2007.  I am Gray House Mentor and teach through the use of the 5 Characteristics of Marianist Education including: (1) Educate for the Formation in Faith, (2) Providing an Integral Quality Education, (3) Educate in Family Spirit, (4) Educate for Adaptation and Change, and (5) Educate for Service, Justice, and Peace.

Univesrity Missouri at St. Louis, M.Ed.
Secondary Curriculum and Instruction
Leicester University, M.B.A.
Business Administration
Fu-Jen Catholic University, B.A.

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