Your Esto Vir Journey begins here...

We are very excited to share our story and our school with you.  We have created a wonderful video that depicts the Chaminade spirit and community. 




Please meet our Admissions Team as you begin to explore what Chaminade can do to help your son become the man the world needs him to be. 

siefert__ralph.jpg My name is Father Ralph Siefert, SM. I am a member of the Society of Mary (Marianists) and I began my teaching career at Chaminade in January 1968. After one and a half years here, I went on to a variety of activities and returned as President in 1987. All of my years here have been rich in people and experiences. Most importantly, perhaps, my years at Chaminade have convinced me of the value and importance of a Catholic and Marianist education for the many young men who have been students here. Chaminade is a wonderful school which continues to develop the skills and character of the young men who are part of our Chaminade Family. I believe our website will give you some sense of what we're about -- check us out!


Hello! My name is Dianne Dunning-Gill, and I am the Director of Enrollment Management here at Chaminade. Though not a graduate of the school, my husband, brother in-law and father in-law are all alumni of Chaminade. I am also a mother of two boys including my older son Jack who is a Freshman at Chaminade.  I understand the issues students and their families face when looking at a new school. I believe that Chaminade is an excellent place for young men to learn – to learn to be a student and contributor throughout their life. There is something for everyone here, in academics, music, athletics, the arts, and faith formation. There is a very strong sense of family at Chaminade too. The House System provides an opportunity for everyone to share in each other’s experience, for new students to have family members looking out for them, and upperclassmen to take on leadership and responsibility.  Please call me to schedule a tour of our school or a shadow visit for a prospective student at 314-692-6640 or ddunning-gill@chaminade-stl.org. 


Hi, my name is Erik Carretero and I am the Director of Admissions here at Chaminade. I have been at Chaminade since August 2013 and it has been an incredible experience. I am a St. Louis native and although I am not a graduate of the school, I have been welcomed with open arms by the Chaminade community since day one. My favorite part of working here has been getting to know all of the students and developing relationships with them and their families. Chaminade is an excellent place for a young man that is willing to work hard in the classroom, get involved in athletics and activities, all while being known in the Chaminade community. If you are interested in Chaminade, I encourage you to check us out. The best way to really know if you want to go to a school is to experience it firsthand. Come for a shadow visit, tour or give us a call if you would like more information on why "We Are Chaminade".  You can reach me at 314-692-6650 or ecarretero@chaminade-stl.org  


My name is Mark Baczynski. I’m the Director of Resident Admissions. I also graduated from Chaminade in 1999. Chaminade offers a wide variety of classes for all interests. As an 8th grader I decided to study Japanese. Little did I know at that time how much that decision would shape my life. During the summer between sophomore and junior year I spent two months studying in Japan. I loved it! I went on to study East Asian Language and Culture at the University of Kansas. I also spent a semester at the University of Beijing, where I received a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) as well as completing a Chinese language and culture immersion course. I used this experience to work both in China and Japan as a TEFL Instructor. I have had many other great experiences since leaving Chaminade and now that I am back at Chaminade, I hope that I am able to help this generation of young men have as great a time as I did.  International students and families with questions should contact me at 314-692-6645 or mbaczynski@chaminade-stl.org.


Hello, my name is Jana Allen and I am the Admissions Associate here at Chaminade. I have been at Chaminade since July 2015 and have enjoyed being a part of such a dynamic team. I am originally from Kansas City and have worked in Marketing and Advertising for most of my career. Our son came to Chaminade in 2011 as a 7th grader and is now a Junior.  I am thrilled to be not only an involved parent but also now a part of this wonderful administration.  Most recently, I was the Director of Marketing for Rohan Woods School for four year.  Working to assist families and the students as they go through the Admissions process is something I truly enjoy.  I only hope to continue to grow the long standing tradition that is Chaminade and continue to promote the wonderful educational opportunities available to the young men of St. Louis. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to reach me at 314-692-6617 or at jallen@chaminade-stl.org.