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  • 7A Team 2017

    7A Basketball Team Wins Pool in Reebok ARCH Classic Tournament

    Congratulations to the 7th Grade Basketball Team for finishing in First Place in their group of 8th Grade basketball opponents!

    Tournament Final Standings

    2017 7th Grade A-Team Schedule

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  • 7B Trophy Team Picture - 2017

    7B Basketball Team Wins Pool in Reebok ARCH Classic Tournament

    Congratulations to the 7th Grade Basketball Team for finishing in First Place in their group!

    Tournament Final Standings

    Game #1 vs. Jr. Kahoks

    Game #3 vs. Comets

    2017 7th Grade B-Team Schedule

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  • Jimmy McLaughlin '19 Makes A Difference In Golf Community!

    QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) -

    As a 13-year-old Quincy golfer Alex McCulla grew up playing the game he loves.

    "There is something about (golf) I just like," said McCulla. "It's my favorite sport and I love to do it."

    This year, however, Alex will be golfing for the first time in Quincy's largest golf tournament, the Pepsi Little People's Golf Championship. Thanks in part to to the generosity of one of his competitors McCulla was set to pay his own way before McLaughlin stepped in.

    It started as a school service project for the 15-year-old McLaughlin, of St. Louis. Soon, it became a mission as McLaughlin took it upon himself to raise money and help a few golfers register and pay for the annual tournament.

    "We had a raffle and we had a lot of friends who donated, who got their friends to donate, so it was kind of like a fundraiser," said Jimmy.

    "He also had donation boxes in the public courses around St. Louis and told them the story about the opportunity to sponsor some kids and maybe make some dreams come true," said his father Jim McLaughlin during his son's Monday practice round at Westview Golf Course.

    Through his fundraising efforts Jimmy was able to raise around $2,400 and donated the proceeds. McCulla and 16-year-old Tadiwanashe Dzude of Zimbabwe were the beneficiaries.

    "I was really surprised by the generosity because there were some people who would donate hundreds of dollars," Jimmy said.

    "It was really surprising because I didn't think they would have the generosity to do that."

    For Alex and Tadiwanashe the generosity shown by the McLaughlin's means a lot as they gear up to face some of the best young talent from around the world.

    "I appreciate it a lot because he gave me the opportunity to play for free," said Alex.

    And Alex says he won't let the opportunity go to waste.

    "I just hope I can get the win and get it for Quincy," he said.

    Because of the large amount of money the McLaughlin's were able to raise they were actually able to save some donations and will be using that money to help even more golfers compete in Quincy next year.

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  • Chaminade Golf Brings Home A Winner!

    Congratulations to our Chaminade golfers who recently participated in a Junior Ryder Cup Invitational, the Bay Point Cup and won the event!

    On Wednesday, August 10th, 6 Chaminade golfers will be participating in the SLICJGA year-end championship. Good luck to Joe Terschluse '17, Colin Stolze '18, James McLaughlin '19, Zachary Walsh '19, Jake Heidenry '19, Andrew Horner '17 and Riley Burns '20!

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  • Tour Chaminade's Weight Room-Video


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Sun Feb 19
Bowling Team #130.5Win
Rockwood Summit HS4.5More
Sun Feb 19
Bowling Team #26Loss
Wed Feb 15
8th Grade "A" Basketball76Win
Wed Feb 15
7th Grade "B" Basketball53Win
Wed Feb 15
8th Grade "B" Basketball31Win
Wed Feb 15
6th Grade "A" Basketball48Loss
Kipp Inspire52
Wed Feb 15
B Basketball58Win
Tue Feb 14
8th Grade "A" Basketball67Win
U. City58
Mon Feb 13
6th Grade "A" Basketball56Win
Mon Feb 13
8th Grade "B" Basketball38Loss
Mon Feb 13
6th Grade "A" Basketball39Loss
Mon Feb 13
7th Grade "B" Basketball38Loss
Parkway Central41
Mon Feb 13
8th Grade "A" Basketball55Loss
Sun Feb 12
Bowling Team #13.5Loss
Sun Feb 12
Bowling Team #212Loss
Fri Feb 10
B Basketball48Loss
Fri Feb 10
8th Grade "A" Basketball51Loss
Christ Community Lutheran59
Thu Feb 09
6th Grade "B" Basketball28Loss
Thu Feb 09
6th Grade "B" Basketball30Win
Thu Feb 09
8th Grade "B" Basketball38Loss
Fort Zumwalt South HS51
Thu Feb 09
6th Grade "A" Basketball53Win
Wed Feb 08
8th Grade "A" Basketball62Win
Francis Howell Cent HS53
Wed Feb 08
8th Grade "B" Basketball21Loss
Francis Howell Cent HS38
Wed Feb 08
7th Grade "B" Basketball24Loss
Wed Feb 08
6th Grade "A" Basketball44Win
Wed Feb 08
6th Grade "B" Basketball29Win
Tue Feb 07
B Basketball46Win
St. Louis Christian45
Tue Feb 07
8th Grade "A" Basketball41Loss
Riverview Gardens43
Tue Feb 07
7th Grade "A" Basketball51Win
Riverview Gardens4
Mon Feb 06
8th Grade "B" Basketball37Win
Mon Feb 06
8th Grade "A" Basketball50Loss