Chaminade utilizes the Learning Management System, Canvas, as the primary source of information and communication between students and teachers. The main Chaminade website contains the school news, school calendar and links to resources, while homework calendars and assignments for individual courses are available through Canvas. This system allows students to submit assignments electronically, and for teachers to grade and provide feedback via email or text message directly to students.

Parents and students are able to communicate with teachers through the course messaging system. While Canvas is the primary source for grading, Skyward currently serves as the official record for final grades and transcripts.

Training for Canvas will be available to new students during orientation. All students will be exposed to Canvas during mentor group and in their classes during the beginning of the school year.

 For information on using or downloading the NEW Canvas Parent APP please click here.

Parents have the ability to view assignments, grades, and other course information through Canvas. In order to have this access, Parents will need to register as an “Observer” in their son's classes. Course information will be available August 17th. Students will be registered into their classes by Chaminade staff and will not have to complete this self-registration process. Below are the instructions for the parent registration process.

  1. Go to:

  2. Select the “Parent of a Canvas User?” link.

  1. Complete all fields, “Your Name” and “Your Email” is parent information.
    “Child’s Username” and “Child’s Password” are your son’s “Skyward” credentials.

    Note: Parents can “Observe” multiple sons by selecting the “Account” in the top left corner, “Settings,” then “Observing,” “+Student” and enter subsequent sons’ “Skyward” credentials.
  1. Check the email account you registered in order to set your password. If you select “Get Started” you will be granted immediate access to Canvas. The next time you login, Canvas will require a password change.

  2. Accept all class invitations.

  1. Courses can be accessed through the Dashboard. Grades can be viewed from this page by selecting the “View Grades” link on the right side of the page. Assignments and due dates are visible on the Calendar.

    Note: Individual calendars can be selected and deselected by clicking the boxes on the right side of the Calendar page.

If you have any questions please contact the Chaminade Canvas Support person listed below. Families may view more detailed Canvas information at:

Families may also access Canvas on a mobile device by downloading the Canvas App.  The instructions for configuring the app can be found at: 

For questions specific to Canvas, please contact:
Hannah Gage, Technology Coordinator
314-993-4400 ext. 1272

If you need your son’s Skyward information please contact:
Julie Quint, Database Administrator
314-993-4400 ext. 1164

For technology questions specific to Canvas, Skyward, or student laptops, please contact:

Lee Tilley, Director of Technology
314-993-4400 ext. 1190


This video will show parents how to register as an "Observer" and will introduce a few features of Canvas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       

Parent Quick Reference Guide
Chaminade Systems

This reference guide will help parents know which computer system to use for different information.

Skyward-Login Required (Skyward Credentials)
  • Final and Progress Grades
  • Attendance
  • Meal Account Balance and Purchases
  • Add money to a student’s meal account
Canvas-Login Required (Your Canvas Information)
  • Daily Assignments
  • Homework Calendar
  • Assignment Submissions
  • Teacher Communication
  • Instructional material & Syllabi
Portal-Login Required (Skyward Credentials)
  • Parent Directory (Login required)   
  • Website-Login Not Required:
  • School News and Information
  • School and Parent Club Events
  • School Calendar
  • Athletic Information
  • General Academic Information
  • Links
  • Student Clubs
  • Student Service Hour Submissions
  • Naviance-College Selection Website