College Selection Process

Chaminade’s experienced and committed College Counseling Center staff have created and continue to manage a thorough and comprehensive college guidance program which is outlined and explained on Chaminade’s internal website.   All members of the Chaminade family have access to this invaluable tool. 

As a student progresses through his high school years he is introduced to the appropriate aspects of the College Selection Process at each level by his assigned College Counselor. By the end of his junior year, the student and his family should be able to generate an appropriate and realistic list of colleges that the student will consider applying to during the 1st semester of his senior year. The College Counseling Center staff will assist and keep track of each student’s Application Process.

The Counseling Center Staff is also very knowledgeable about the Application Process and Financial Aid Process for international students, student athletes, students with learning differences, students with various other talents, as well as the traditional applicant.   They are available throughout the year to assist students and their families as they gradually become engaged in this very important decision making process.  

A College Counselor’s "Words of Wisdom" -- Basic Principles

The following thoughts are put here in no particular order. They are simply a collection of several of the basic principles that we believe are important for families to understand as they go through the College Selection Process.

  • Parents should keep in mind that the student should do the vast majority of the work involved in the "College Selection & Application Process" with your gentle encouragement. If the student does not 'own this process' he is less likely to accept his responsibility for the outcome.
  • Keep in mind there is no "one and only" college for any student. There are quite a few good institutions which will meet each student's needs and preferences. It is simply your job to find ONE of these appropriate colleges.
  • You are UNIQUE. You are not your father, mother, brother, sister or friend. The school you decide on should meet YOUR needs and qualifications, taking into consideration your entire family situation. A school that was good for some friend or relative may or may not be a good one for you.
  • The whole purpose of the College Selection Process is to find for the student what is called the "best fit." College characteristics like size, location, competitiveness, cost, social climate, availability of programs/services/activities/majors, etc. all go into determining this proper "fit."
  • Most students who leave or transfer colleges do so because it didn't "feel right" or "they did not like it there," which is another way of saying that it was not the right "fit." Seldom do they leave because it cost too much, was too difficult, or didn't have the major they wanted. Therefore, this "fit" concept is very important!!!
  • Try to be REALISTIC! You should select colleges whose admission, academic, or athletic standards are consistent with your ability, achievement, and preferences.
  • With approximately only 1% of the world's population obtaining a college degree, realize how truly privileged you are to have this opportunity and make the best use of this gift.  (Click HERE of a brief powerpoint that will put this fact into proper perspective.)