PACE Program

The Chaminade PACE Program is a Dual Credit program that allows our high school students to earn college credit while attending Chaminade that can then transfer to a college or university upon graduation.

The PACE Program can benefit you by:

-Earning a minimum of 18 college credit hours through the required Chaminade curriculum (1 semester of college)

-Earning over 30 college credit hours through additional electives in English, math, science, social studies, languages, fine arts, practical arts, and theology (1 year of college)

-Earning 60 or more college credit hours by following a PACE sequenced outline of courses for the student (2 years of college) 

Additional benefits of the PACE Program include:

-Bridging the process of earning a college degree and escalating the attainment of a Bachelor's Degree, double major or begin work on a Master's Degree

-Earning college credit that can fulfill many university general studies requirements, including English, math, science, history and language courses

-Saving money on tuition and books (dual credit cost is only 20% of normal tuition)

-Learning from Master's and Ph.D. level Chaminade faculty

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