Second Semester Exam Student Guidelines

  1. Second Semester Exams are scheduled on May 23rd, May 24th and May 25th.
  2. Exam schedules are posted on the bottom left of this page.
  3. Regular dress code applies for all three exam days.
  4. Regular school guidelines apply.
  5. Students are to report to Mentor Group no later than 7:45 AM.
  6. Please note: Students approved for extended time on exams report to the following locations: 
    6th and 7th grade middle school students will report to Technology Room at 7:45 AM.
    8th grade middle school students will report to the Library at 7:45 AM.
    After Mentor Group high school students will report to the following rooms in Chaminade Hall:
    9th graders will report to Room 002
    10th graders will report to Room 011.
    11th graders will report to Room 001

  7. Morning Prayer and Attendance will be taken in Mentor Group.
  8. There are two exams on each day.
  9. Students will move to their first exam at 7:55 AM.
  10. Students are to power off their cell phone and place it in their back pack before entering the exam room.
  11. Students arriving to their exam room with their laptop are required to log-in if they will be taking a digital exam.
  12. The first HS exam is scheduled from 8:00-9:35 AM.
    The first MS exam is scheduled from 8:00-9:00 AM.
  13. There is a ten minute passing time between exams.
  14. The second HS exam is scheduled from 9:45-11:20 AM.
    The second MS exam is scheduled from 10:20-11:20 AM.
  15. Students MUST be punctual. Students arriving late to an exam room must report directly to the proctor for instructions.
  16. Students will be given instructions by their teaching as to what materials they need to bring to the exam room. Please note: All digital exams required that the student bring their laptop computer to the exam room. No "loaners" will be issued on exam days.
  17. Foreign language translators are not permitted in any exam.
  18. Students are to maintain silence for the duration of the exam.
  19. The Proctor/s will provide FULL supervision of the exam room.
  20. A student/s that disrupt/s the exam will be removed from the exam room. The Proctor will give the student/s a First Warning. If the student/s complies, he may remain. If a Second Warning occurs, the student/s is removed from the exam room.
  21. Students DO NOT walk around the exam room. If a student needs assistance, he is to raise his hand and the Proctor will approach him.
  22. Except for an emergency, students may not leave the exam room for any reason during the exam time .
  23. Students remain for the duration of the exam and are dismissed only by the Proctor.
  24. If a student completes his exam early, the student reviews his material for the next exam.
  25. No exam materials may be removed from the exam room.
  26. The last exam each day concludes at 11:20 AM. All students not involved in co-curricular activities should arrange to leave campus no later than 12:30 PM. at which time school will be closed.
  27. Pedestal Food Service will be open during exam days. A limited lunch will be served from 11:20-12:20 PM.
  28. Make-up Exam Day is Friday, May 26, 2017. Students are to report to the Library no later than 9:00 a.m. Students taking digital exams are required to bring their laptops.
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