Semester Exam Policy, Failure Policy and Remediation Policy


Chaminade College Preparatory School requires semester exams in all core subjects (Theology, English, Languages, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies) and highly encourages end-of-semester exams in Fine Arts, Physical Education and Practical Arts. The purpose of exams is to demonstrate the student's mastery and competence of specific course material. In addition, the exam program provides an academic experience whereby students are able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and aptitude they are expected to have upon completion of that course.

It is expected that all students will take their exams on the scheduled days at the assigned times .
Parents and students should avoid scheduling any other activities during the scheduled exam days. Faculty and counselors cannot give permission to reschedule any exams. Any exception to any scheduled exam requires the approval of the Associate Principal of Academics & Curriculum.


General Information
Generally, a student who fails more than 1.5 units of credits has demonstrated an inability to achieve an acceptable level of academic success and he may be asked to withdraw from Chaminade.

First Semester Failures

Any failing average for the first semester can be made up with an offsetting higher average in the second semester (for year-long courses).  Summer remediation would not be necessary.  A failure of a half-credit course in the first semester cannot be remediated in the second semester. Summer remediation is required.

Second Semester Failures

Any failing average for the second semester can only be made up by summer remediation. A failure for the second semester cannot be made up with an offsetting higher average for the first semester.  Summer remediation is required.

Both Semesters Failures

If a student fails both semesters of a course, then the entire two semesters of the subject must be made up by summer remediation.


The Summer Esto Vir Academy is one component of Chaminade's Summer Academy.  This program component provides assistance for Chaminade students who are in need of remediating academic credit.  Summer courses are taught by Chaminade's faculty.  Summer courses are taught in private tutorials.  Alternate methods of remediation require the approval of the Associate Principal of Academics & Curriculum.  Verification of remediated academic credit requires the approval of the Associate Principal of Academics & Curriculum before the student is allowed to return to school in August.  


Grading Scale:                     
90 -100 A                                     
80 - 89 B                                     
70 - 79 C                                      
65 - 69 D (A failure or an incomplete in any course automatically
below 65 F precludes the possibility of making the Honor Roll)

Honor Roll:
96-100 Special Honors
95-93 First Honors
92-85 Second Honors