Fathers' Club

Congratulations on sending your son to one of the finest educational environments in St. Louis. The Fathers’ Club at Chaminade is a parent organization dedicated to providing enrichment opportunities for our students. Our mission is based on the following principles:

  • Fostering a close union among the fathers and the school
  • Providing opportunities for Chaminade fathers and sons to participate in social events and community service projects together
  • Cooperating with the School in the promotion of the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical welfare of the Chaminade students.
  • Assisting in the organization and implementation of fundraising projects for the school, clubs and special events.
Over the past several years we have be proud to support many different activities at Chaminade. Below are many of the events that we support with funding and/or volunteer labor:

Fall Classic Family BBQ hosted by Fathers' and Mothers' Clubs
Middle School Father-Son Breakfast

On-Campus and Off-Campus Service Days
Open House Family Spirit BBQ hosted by Fathers' and Mothers' Clubs 
Christmas Tree Lot
Father-Son Banquet
Esto Vir Auction
Faculty Appreciation Dinner hosted by Fathers' and Mothers' Clubs

Chaminade Golf Tournament
Concession Stand Management/Staffing
Club Sports (Hockey and Lacrosse) Support 
Australian Exchange Support
Special Band and Drama Event Support 

Other Club/Activity Support



No events are currently available.