Compact Leadership Team

This is an extra-curricular activity for high school students. This organization provides students with an opportunity to create servant leadership projects. Through their efforts they are able to develop leadership skills, fund raising skills; organization skills. and commitment to goals. The Compact Team has two missions, "Mission to School" and "Mission to Community". The members of the team meet usually during lunch. Each school year the team selects a servant leadership project to develop or assist. Most of the projects require more than a day to complete.

For the past two years the team has dedicated their time and energy to the Father Dempsey's Charities. Father Dempsey's is a home for men who are in transition from being homeless. The Compact Team provides breakfast on Sunday mornings for the male residents. Members of the Compact Team recruit the student volunteers to do the cooking, serving and clean up. Some of the volunteers come from private and public schools. Chaminade International students (Dormers) are major contributors to the Sunday Breakfast Club.

Since 2005 the Compact Leadership Team has worked with two North County municipalities in assisting homeowners who are disable, senior citizens, or single parents with small children whose homes were cited by their local Public Safety Department with external violations. We called this project the Florissant Home Compliance Project. This project was originally called the Widow Project.


This name comes from the first homeowner that we assisted, she was a 79 years old widow of a World War II veteran and she had little resources to bring her home into compliance. Chaminade’s Diversity Director asked the 79 years old widow if the students from Chaminade could help her with her external violations on her home. She agreed and seven years later, the Compact Leadership Team is still assisting similar homeowners. The repairs range from painting the entire exterior of a home, resealing driveways, tree trimming, building new porches, installing wheelchair ramps, general yard work and demolition.

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In February 2009, the City of Florissant presented the Compact Leadership Team with the key to the city and a Proclamation in our honor.

Our dedication and excellent work has earned the Compact Team a credible reputation in those municipalities’ housing courts. Their housing courts appreciate our timeline to start a job and to complete jobs so much that they waive all court cost and fines if the Compact Leadership Team is on the job.  

For further information, please contact Mr. Dietrich Smith at or Frische Hall rm. 112.