Clubs & Activities

For most Chaminade students, the school day does not end after announcements and the Three O'Clock prayer. In fact, much of what is considered "school" occurs outside of the traditional classroom, or beyond the playing fields. Young men at Chaminade continue their education and their lives together on the stage, in the band or as members of one of the school's clubs.

On any given late afternoon, Chaminade students can be found doing a variety of activities.  From cheering on the football team to performing community service to participating in theatrical productions, Chaminade's students can be found throughout the community making a contribution.

These "extra" curricular activities may be considered secondary by some, but to most Chaminade students, they make up a significant part of each student's academic career.

Middle School Activities Offered at Chaminade

HIgh School Activities Offered at Chaminade