The Gray House is named after C. Vincent Gray, the first African American Marianist in the St. Louis Province of the Society of Mary. Brother Gray taught at McBride High School, Vianney High School and St. Mary’s University. Vincent Gray Academy, a school for disadvantaged youth in East St. Louis, was named in his honor. He died in 1967 at the age of 37.

The House Crest

The cross and the M at the top of the crest represent our Marianist/Catholic identity. The open book with the initials V G represents Vincent Gray and his scholarly qualities. The white background on the book signifies three of Brother Gray’s core values: truth, peace and spiritual strength. The black scales on the gray background represent the balance of justice. The two red stars on the banner stand for hope and promise. The three red pillars at the bottom of the crest represent the physical strength and foundation of the house. The Latin phrase “Officium, Justitia, Pax” means Service, Justice and Peace. 

House Deans Ms. Beth Dunlap (HS)
Mr. Mark Laury (MS)
High School Mentors Mr. Mike Massa '83
Mr. Eric Warren/Mrs. Weiwei Chien
Mr. Steve Baxter
Mr. Kevin Brennan '71/Mr. Bob Murphy 
Mr. Brett Desnoyer/Ms. Ann Menshouse 
Middle School Mentors Mr. John Hale '03
Ms. Catherine Schaaf/Mr. Mike Thro
Mr. Chris Marsek '98/Mr. Brian O'Shaughnessy
House Captains Conor Driscoll, Carl Schmittgens
Ryan Walsh (8th Grade)
House Counselor Mr. Vince Viviano '72
Campus Minister Mr. Mike Fitzgerald '05
Learning Consultant  Mr. Tony DiSalvo (HS)
Ms. Beth Dunlap (MS)


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