Multicultural and Diversity Office

Mission: The Multicultural and Diversity Office shows its commitment to the gospel teachings of loving thy neighbor, by formulating proactive strategies in eliminating racism, sexism, classism and discrimination against those with disabilities. Through positive dialogue and support we can increase our levels of acceptance and tolerance to those we deem different.

Vision: The Multicultural and The Diversity Office’s vision is to reduce and eventually rid the campus of acts which are counterproductive to the teachings of the gospel.

The Multiculturaland Diversity Office functions are guided by Five Characteristics of the Catholic Marianist Education:

  • Educating for Formation of Faith
  • Providing an Integral, Quality Education
  • Educating in Family Spirit
  • Educating for Service, Justice and Peace
  • Educating for Adaptation and Change

Since August 1998, Mr. Dietrich L. Smith has served as the Director for Diversity. You may contact him at
(314) 993-4400 extension 1122 or

The Multicultural and Diversity Office:

  • Conducts Multicultural and Diversity lectures to Middle and High School students;
  • Sponsors extra-curricular activities to promote diversity;
  • Coordinates Servant Leadership projects for international students
  • Sponsors extra-curricular activities to promote leadership