Rowdy Red Raffle

Chaminade Families—
Do You Feel Lucky?


Chaminade’s ROWDY RED E-RAFFLE, our only all school student fundraiser, begins Thursday, October 12 and continues through Thursday, November 2.  Each CCP student is expected to sell six (6) raffle tickets at $25 each. Prizes ranging from $100 to $10,000 and we will be announcing the winners on November 3. 

Students who sell a minimum of ten (10) tickets will earn a day off of school.  Additional prizes are available to those students with top sales (which may include a north lot parking spot, prom tickets, mixer packages, lunch budge passes and more).  Mentor groups and houses will also compete for prizes and can earn points in the house competition.

As always, Chaminade families play a key role in the success of the Rowdy Red Raffle, we therefore, encourage you to participate in the sales. You may purchase tickets from your son, or by using the link on our website (beginning on 10/12). From a tracking standpoint, the easiest method is for a Chaminade student to forward to you his own personal raffle selling email. When you click the link, he will receive credit for the sale and a confirmation of your purchase. If you purchase by going to our website, you can include a student’s name so that he (and his mentor group) will receive credit for each sale. Forward your son’s raffle selling email to family and friends and he will receive credit for each sale!

If you wish to participate but do not know a current student, we will assign your sale to a resident student who has successfully sold 4 tickets on his own to help him meet his personal goal of 6.

Thanks for your continued support, good luck and LET’S GET ROWDY!

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