Resident Program

Resident Student Program

Chaminade’s resident program hosts 80 international & domestic students and is the only Catholic boarding school in the St. Louis area.  Resident students join us from nearly 20 different countries around the world, as well as from St. Louis and the greater United States.  Our mission is to provide our resident students an opportunity to experience a traditional Catholic education in a traditional day school setting. 

Chaminade has been a day and boarding school for its 100+ years of existence.  In 1910, students from the Midwest and Mexico lived at the school.  Today, our dorm students hail from many different countries as well as the United States.

The Resident Program further implements the mission of Chaminade College Preparatory School.  The Resident Program enables young men from across the United States and around the world to attend Chaminade, or to assist local students who need temporary housing.  The Resident Department staff strives to positively affect these young men in the formation of their morals, the development of their values, their study skills, and their adjustment to community living.  In addition, the Resident Program seeks to create a family atmosphere.  In order to accomplish this, resident students must conduct themselves in a moral, mature, and responsible manner.  Finally, each resident student and his family must agree to support the mission and guidelines of the resident program and school



Resident underclassmen live in Canning Hall, named for Father James Canning who was a dedicated and compassionate chaplain at Chaminade.  Canning Hall houses 51 resident rooms, nine prefect rooms, four multi-shower bathrooms, three club rooms, and a laundry room.  Frische Hall, newly developed for seniors, has 15 individual rooms, three prefect rooms, two multi-shower bathrooms, a senior lounge, and courtyard.  Each resident room is equipped with a bed, desk, dresser, and closet for each student.   The dorms are located just a short walk from Chaminade Hall where most academic classes are held.

The dorm prefects are the adults in the dormitories.  Many of the prefects teach at Chaminade while other prefects are former resident students who are studying in local universities.  These adults help to guide our young men, teaching them about responsibility, organization, study skills and much more.


Chaminade’s meals are served in Café Moe, our school cafeteria.  Our food service company offers a number of different entrees, a soup/salad bar, fruit, vegetables, drinks, snacks and homemade desserts.


Chaminade is first and foremost a Catholic Marianist school.  As such, resident students receive the advantage of a Christian atmosphere based upon the Characteristics of a Marianist Education.  While the resident staff recognizes that not all resident students are Catholic or even Christian, it does expect each resident student to conduct himself in a manner consistent with the teachings of the Catholic religion.  Resident students can expect to be treated with fairness, compassion, and justice by all members of the resident staff who conduct themselves as Christian gentlemen, and who strive to serve as role models for the resident students.  All Catholic students will be expected to attend mass on Saturday evening or Sunday morning while all students attend masses during the school day (usually one or two times each month).



The resident program emphasizes a structured study environment including an atmosphere of quiet study.  Prefects are generally available to help students with their academic needs.  In addition, other students may be available to help tutor when appropriate.  Each student spends at least 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours daily in study.  Progress reports are issued on a regular basis.  There are levels of achievement that students are expected to attain throughout the school year.  In certain instances a resident student’s lack of progress will necessitate additional study time.



Participation in interscholastic sports by resident students is highly encouraged.  Chaminade has interscholastic competition in seventeen sports.  Resident students are expected to participate in a recreation program organized and supervised by the resident staff.  These activities include, but are not limited to, volleyball, softball, basketball, swimming, soccer, and other games.  The indoor pool, the gyms, the weight room and the practice fields are available to the resident students and are supervised by the resident staff.

Resident students are encouraged to participate in other co-curricular activities with over 50 clubs being available.  Very significant are the various student activities including dances and “rec nights.”  The fact that all these activities take place just a few steps away from the home of the resident students makes these activities readily accessible to them.  Finally, with all the home sports events and other school activities, the resident students should always have something positive to do.  The resident staff will provide transportation to a variety of school sponsored events.  If groups of five or more need a ride to some activity, the staff is more than willing to provide that ride.  There are additional resident program-specific social events throughout the year, like pro sporting events, visits to nearby museums, skiing trips, St. Louis Symphony concerts, and much more.



Chaminade is located 20 minutes west of downtown St. Louis, in the central suburban area of greater St. Louis.  There are many nearby amenities for Chaminade resident students to use on weekends including:        

  • Three shopping malls are within 10 minutes. 
  • A 12-screen movie theatre is just 5 minutes away. 
  • Numerous restaurants are nearby. 
  • Many museums like the St. Louis Art, Science and History Museums are within a 15 minute drive of Chaminade. 
  • The St. Louis baseball Cardinals, and hockey Blues all play their home games just 20 minutes away. 
  • Numerous parks are nearby, and a ski resort (in season) is within 30 minutes of Chaminade.  

In addition, Lambert St. Louis (STL) International Airport is only 10 minutes north of Chaminade, and three excellent hospitals are within 15 minutes of Chaminade should a student require immediate medical attention.  



Tuition + 5-day room and board

(available for domestic students only)                            $37,113

Tuition + 7-day room and board

 (available for both domestic & international students)  $38,445

Esto Vir International Course

(first year international students only)                            $ 2,600

International Student fee                                                $ 1,500

Matriculation fee                                                            $   200

Laptop lease fee                                                             $   680

Books and Supplies (estimated)                                      $   600

Special Course fees and Experiential Class Trip fees

(estimated)                                                                     $  1,130- $1,885



Domestic Families have three tuition payment options: 100% due by August 1; or for a $50 fee, families may have their tuition payments in 3 (August 1; November 1; February 1) or 9 month payment plans deducted monthly from a checking account using our FACTS system.

International Families have three payment options: 100% due by August 1; 50% due August 1 and November 15; or 9 monthly payments can be made from a checking or savings account – families must have an U.S. bank account in order to use this service.  Tuition can be paid by signing up to Peer Transfer, or with cash, check or credit card*.  International families may also wire payments directly to our bank account.

*Credit Card payments will incur an additional 2.5% fee



Applicants who score between the 93rd and 99th percentile on a United States nationally-standardized test (SSAT for middle school applicants, Iowa Basics, Stanford Achievement, SSAT for high school applicants) and achieve an A- average or higher in their core academic classes will receive an academic scholarship for their incoming year.  Academic scholarships range from $1,000 to $7,000 , beginning at $ 1,000 for a 93% and increase a thousand dollars for each percentile increase.  No additional application is necessary to complete. These scholarships are renewable so long as a student maintains at least a 90% average for the school year.

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