Tuition/Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Chaminade provides financial aid based solely on financial need to qualified students.  For the 2015-16 school year, over $1.6 million in financial aid is being given to over 330 students.

Two types of financial aid awards are available, Direct Grants and Work Grants. Direct Grants are awarded based on financial need and are a direct reduction of tuition. Work Grants are awarded based on financial need and reduce tuition by the number of hours a student works for the school.  

We use FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment service to help evaluate the needs of our families. Based on a comprehensive evaluation of key factors taken from information you provide, FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment is able to provide the school with a thorough understanding of a family’s financial situation.

Financial aid is provided for tuition only and cannot be used towards the deposit, student fees, textbooks, or laptop lease fee. Aid awards are renewable if financial need still exists. A new application must be completed each year.

Financial Aid applications will not affect admission decisions; admission and financial aid are considered separately by the Admissions Office and Business Office, respectively. Financial aid is awarded only to students who have completed the application process and have been officially accepted for admission.

Applying for Financial Aid

You may begin applying for financial aid for the 2016-2017 school year on November 2, 2015.  To be eligible, you must submit your online application by December 18, 2015 for ninth graders and by February 15, 2016 middle school students. In order to process your application, FACTS must receive a $30 non-refundable application fee.  In addition, tax documents are required to substantiate your financial aid application and must be submitted to FACTS.  The tax information needed to verify your application as well as other important information regarding the application process is included in the FGAA checklist.

Use this worksheet as a guideline to prepare for the online application; if you have more than 3 children, use this extra Section 2 form; if you have more than 3 vehicles, use this extra Section 4 page. Questions or problems with the online application should be directed to Facts Grant and Aid Assessment.

We encourage you not to wait until your son is accepted to apply for financial aid as there are budgetary limits to available funds and funds are allocated early.

Returning families who apply and complete the minimum or regular requirement by the February 15, 2016 deadline will insure they receive first consideration in the awarding of grant money and will receive their determination letter in early to mid-April.  Completed applications received after the deadline will be assessed on a first come first serve basis after the initial allocation process if funding becomes available.

Click here to apply for Financial Aid and/or to set up a Tuition Payment Plan.

Tuition and Fees

Day student tuition for the 2016-2017 school year will be $18,267. Student fees, which include but are not limited to mandatory class trips, retreats, activity fee, yearbook/literary fees, courses fees etc. are additional.  All students are required to lease a laptop computer from the school.  The laptop lease fee is $680 per year with students receiving a new laptop every year.   

An enrollment deposit of $1,700 for students is payable three weeks after acceptance to hold a student's place in the class. The remaining tuition/fee balance is due in full on August 1. A personal or cashier's check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express are accepted for tuition payments.

Other payment options include:

  • 3 Payment Schedule: due Aug 1, November 1 and Feb 1; or
  • 9 Payment Schedule: payments will be Aug through April
Families choosing either payment option must have a FACTS agreement before enrollment will be processed. A $50 fee will be billed.

Resident student tuition, room and 7-day board for the 2016-2017 school year will be $38,445. Resident student tuition, room and 5-day board is $37,113. Seven-day room & board is available for all students while five-day room & board is available for U.S. students only.  An International Student Fee of $1,500 is assessed annually to all non-U.S. residents. The Esto Vir International Program is required of all new international students who were not enrolled in an accredited U.S. school for the full year immediately preceding matriculation into Chaminade. The program cost is $2,600 and will be held from August 7-16.