Employment Opportunities

Chaminade College Preparatory School, an independent, Catholic school is dedicated to developing the inherent spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical potential of young men in middle and high school. We hire dedicated teachers who are passionate about student learning and working in a collaborative environment.

All positions are expected to meet the general requirements listed below. Position specific requirements, if any, will be listed with those positions.

Interested candidates may submit a resume and cover letter to Karen Carroll, kcarroll@chaminade-stl.org. No phone calls please.

Available Positions 2019-2020

College Counselor

This is a full-time faculty position in the College Counseling Office that reports to the department chair of counseling and works in close partnership with the administration. While this position primarily follows the academic calendar, some work and oversight are required during academic vacations, including the summer break.

Chaminade strives to create a global community that reflects the world around us and the backgrounds, experiences, identities, genders, perspectives, races, religions and talents that each member brings to our school. We believe that a diverse and inclusive community supports and respects all cultures, ethnicities, languages, philosophies, political views and sexual orientations that exist within and beyond our school.

Job Functions/Major Responsibilities:

  • Counsels students and parents through the college application process;
  • Supports college counselors, other counseling members, and support staff;
  • Establishes and maintains professional relationships with cohort schools, as well as colleges and universities;
  • Establishes and maintains current and useful resources for student and parent use in researching and applying to colleges and applying for financial aid, registering for standardized tests, etc.;
  • Communicates to the Principal on a regular basis regarding college counseling;
  • Effectively plans, implements, and communicates the college search process through a variety of presentation formats.


  • A bachelor’s degree is required and a master’s degree or higher is preferred;
  • College counseling experience is preferred, but not required;
  • A demonstrated commitment to continued professional development, including diversity and/or cultural competency training while also living out the Catholic Marianist values of the school;
  • Ability to participate in the life of the school.

High School Theology

This is a full-time faculty position in the Theology Department that reports to the department chair and high school principal.

Ideal candidates will:

  • Be a practicing Catholic;
  • Have a Masters in Theology or related field (strong preference);
  • Engage young men in a dynamic process of faith formation and spiritual growth;
  • Provide opportunities for faith exploration through a variety of projects and encouraging an intellectual approach to the study of morality;
  • Maintain a classroom environment that supports open discussion, respect for all opinions, and recognizes the diversity of religious affiliations;
  • Actively participate in student and faculty activities (retreats, lunch duty, faculty meetings, and in-service activities).

Middle School Art

This is a full-time faculty position in the Fine Arts Department that reports to the department chair and middle school principal.

The Middle School Art position designs and implements semester long courses for grades 6-8.

Ideal candidates will:

  • Be able to work with children of variety of abilities and interests;
  • Be able to cultivate curiosity within the arts;
  • Be able to teach to the intrinsic value of the arts in everyday life and to express spirituality through the arts;
  • Can communicate the value of art education and creative problem solving;
  • Work with teachers in other disciplines to create complementary projects to enhance the overall objectives of multiple courses;
  • Have a knowledge of art history and different art genres in order to teach a range of art styles;
  • Develop age-appropriate instructional strategies to achieve the art curriculum goals;
  • Know and can apply elements of design and modern principles of art;
  • Plan and present art displays and exhibitions designed to exhibit students’ work for the school and the community;
  • Have the ability to spot and cultivate creativity and encourage students to express their own personalities and thoughts through the creative process.

General Requirements

All applicants should fulfill the following:

  • Applicants for Middle School positions have experience teaching in the middle school environment.
  • Applicant possesses both a BA and MA in content or related area.
  • Applicant possesses Missouri State Certification.
  • Applicant recognizes the importance of student faith development as a priority in a Catholic, Marianist school.
  • Applicant is an innovative and qualified teaching professional.
  • Applicant is a hardworking and enthusiastic teaching professional with excellent subject knowledge and a sound understanding of grade level curriculum.
  • Applicant exhibits involvement in teaching students and assisting in the encouragement of extra-curricular activities.
  • Applicant motivates with a keen interest in encouraging and inspiring students to love learning and excel in the subject area.
  • Applicant demonstrates methods that support the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development of students.
  • Applicant creates appropriate instruction adaptation for learners of different abilities.
  • Applicant understands individual group behaviors and motivations as to create a safe learning environment.
  • Applicant creates learning environments that encourage positive social interaction and self-motivation.
  • Applicant designs and delivers appropriate and regular student assessments.
  • Applicant has a lived understanding of sustainability.