Academic Support

Chaminade's Academic Support Program's goal is to assist students of all ability levels in reaching their full academic potential.

The Esto Vir Academic Resource Center (ARC), located on the lower level of Frische Hall, houses the Academic Support Program. The ARC is a place for students to seek out the resources they need to be successful at Chaminade. The Academic Support Program is comprised of several new initiatives, and many longstanding resources, for students to take advantage of throughout the school year.

Below are the components of the Academic Support Program:

Academic Lab

All students will be assigned an Academic Lab as part of their schedule (full year in the High School and Sixth Grade, one semester in Seventh and Eighth Grades). During Academic Lab students will have the opportunity to complete online assignments for their courses, get caught up on homework, seek assistance from available math and English teachers, make up assessments missed from absences, meet with their counselor, and seek out academic assistance. There will also be the opportunity to learn and practice effective study habits and test preparation skills.

ACT Classes

A three week ACT preparation course is offered after school for Chaminade students. Please contact Mr. Vince Viviano for more information.

ACT Special Testing

Chaminade ACT Special Testing information:

Chaminade coordinates with ACT to offer special testing accommodations to meet individual student’s needs. These accommodations need to be school sanctioned and ACT approved. If you are unsure if your son is eligible for special testing accommodations, please contact Tony Di Salvo, Email or (314)993-4400 ext. 1162.

First Semester ACT Special Testing Dates



Test Dates

September 14th 2019

August 16th

September 14th & 15th

October 26th 2019

September 20th

October 26th & 27th

December 14th 2019

November 8th

December 14th & 15th

After School Academic Program (ASAP)

A variety of after school programs are available to students on a voluntary basis, but may be strongly recommended by a student’s teacher or counselor. Most programs take place Monday – Thursday from 3:00 – 4:00; however, some resources are available before school, and later into the evenings.

Blume Scholar Program

Blume Scholars are identified through the Chaminade high school admissions process. These students will participate in a three week summer course that will prepare them to start their CCP journey off on the right foot. Blume Scholars will benefit from a guided Academic Lab throughout the school year that will support their efforts in the classroom. This is a three year program. However, students who demonstrate the ability to successfully navigate CCP without this support can move on from the program at the end of an academic year.

Content Support

Students receive content support from Chaminade faculty in the areas of English, math, and language.

Honor Society Tutoring

Students receive tutoring from a member of Chaminade’s various honor societies, including National Honor Society, math, Spanish, and French.

Learning Consultants

Two full time Learning Consultants are available during Academic Labs, Esto Vir Periods, and after school. They are also are available before school by appointment.


Students may take advantage of the quiet study space and numerous educational resources in the Chaminade Library.

Math Labs

A Chaminade math teacher is available during Academic Labs to assist students and answer questions.


The Summer Esto Vir Remediation Summer Program is one component of the Chaminade Summer Academy. This program component provides assistance for Chaminade students who are in need of remediating and recovering academic credit. Summer courses will be taught by Chaminade's faculty.

Esto Vir Remediation Summer Academy Protocol

Summer Tutor List

Tutor Documentation Form

Service Tutoring Program

Students receive group tutoring from trained, qualified upperclassmen in all subject areas.

STAR (Students Taking Academic Responsibility)

Middle School students are provided with a consistent study space, and can receive some tutoring/homework guidance from Chaminade faculty.

Study Skills Support

Students receive study skills support from Chaminade counselors and learning consultants.

Testing Center

Students may make up tests and quizzes outside of class time in order to remain current with classroom instruction and assessments.

Writing Lab

Students can bring in their written work for editing by appointment. Please contact Dr. Dan Karcher for more information.