Guidance and Counseling

Chaminade College Preparatory School offers a comprehensive Guidance and Counseling program. There are four interconnected components of this program: Middle School Counseling, High School Counseling, College Counseling, and Learning Consultant Support for all grades.

Middle School Counselors are assigned by grade level and follow their students through their Middle School years. Middle School Counselors assume a number of diverse responsibilities throughout their daily routine. The Counselors provide individual counseling for students with personal, social, and/or academic needs. In addition, Middle School Counselors work closely with other grade-level Counselors, Learning Consultants, teachers, and parents to provide quality and comprehensive services for Chaminade students. The Middle School Counselors are an integral part of planning and organizing the anti-bullying campaign and culture of kindness initiatives.

High School Counselors have assigned caseloads by House and follow their students through their High School years. These Counselors provide academic, personal, and guidance services for the students under their care. Counselors work closely with other Counselors, Learning Consultants, parents, and teachers thus providing a team/family approach in meeting the needs of students, their families, and the school community.