Course Registration for 2019-2020

Chaminade's Online Course Registration will open on Saturday morning, February 9 at 9AM.

Parents will need to login to Skyward to access the request module. If you need your password code to login, please contact Ms. Julie Quint at 314.993.4400 x1164.

Detailed instructions for selecting courses, directives for individual divisions, course selection forms and curriculum guides can be found below.

Information has also been emailed to students and links will be placed in Skyward.

The window for registering will close on February 27. All students are asked to register prior to the deadline.

Parent Letter - Student Registration 2019-2020

Detailed Course Registration Instructions

6th Grade Course Selection (class of 2026)

7th Grade Course Selection (class of 2025)

8th Grade Course Selection (class of 2024)

Freshman Course Selection (class of 2023)

Sophomore Course Selection (class of 2022)

Junior Course Selection (class of 2021)

Senior Course Selection (class of 2020)

Chaminade 2019-2020 Curriculum Guide

Chaminade PACE Program