Class Captains

The Class Captain Program is aimed at assisting Chaminade in keeping up-to-date contact information for classes so that they can boost event attendance and even organize their own events throughout the year, if they choose. Class Captains also assist in fundraising efforts, by signing letters or lending their name to emails, with the goal of keeping Chaminade beautiful and providing financial aid to students in need.

Imagine rows of classmates at the Celebrate Chaminade football game, filling up rows at the annual musical in the Skip Viragh Center, volunteering for Ethics and Career Day for current seniors to discuss our careers or give college advice, and generally being a supportive network for each other.

Alumni are the strength of any school, and our class should be proud of all it’s accomplished. We are Chaminade!

If you are interested in becoming a Class Captain for your class, email today.

Basic Duties of a Class Captain:
  • Class Contact Information Updates
  • Create a Class Facebook Page
  • Event Attendance
  • Class-specific Event and Reunion Planning
  • Support Chaminade Fundraising Efforts

Click here to see a more detailed list of duties.

Current Class Captains:
Tim Walsh '61
Rick Berkmeyer '62
Mike Molloy '62
Dick Demko '64
John Roberts '65
Kevin Vescovo '66
Chris Bartels '69
Kevin Brennan '71
John Cronin '72
Vince Viviano '72
Bart Castelli '75
Rich Shasserre '77
Ted Ruzicka '80
Pete Buback '81
Dave Spitznagel '81
Frank Ruzicka '82
Peter Sheahan '82
Tim Kelly '83
Bo Willis '87
Chip Bodnar '88
Rich Ledbetter '88
Brian Gill '89
Ron Hobbs '89
Mike Schlueter '91
Tom Schroyer '92
Matt Poling '94
Joe Bayer '97
Kurt Schafers '97
Joe Bottani '98
Brian Kelley '99
Don Wehrmann '99
Mike Hart '00
Chris Bentler '01
Bill Cassin '02
Andrew Eastman '03
Chris Schmidt '03
Andrew Rathert '04
Curran Coulter '05
Mark Dorsey '05
Chris Marischen '05
Paul Caciolo '07
Jimmy Hofman '09
Adam Glassl '13