Benefits of Boarding

Benefits of Boarding vs. Homestays

1. Classmates and friends spend weekends immersed in extracurricular and social activities or take part in the resident curriculum events.

2. Many of the prefects are also teachers, coaches and mentors that you see for more than just a few hours per week. These adults offer support, guidance and motivation to the boarding students.

3. Boarding students live with a diversity of students that help expand their views of the world beyond what they learn in the classroom.

4. 70% of boarding school students say that being a resident student helped them develop self-discipline, maturity, independence and the ability to think critically in a structured environment.

5. Living in the resident facility helps students to develop life skills that promote success in college and beyond.

6. 78% of boarding school graduates across America say they were very well prepared for the non-academic aspects of college life, such as independence, social life, and time management compared to 36% of private day and 23% public school students.

7. According to research, boarding schools produce leaders who serve their families, their communities, and the wider world – by mid-career, 44% achieve positions in top management compared to 27% of public school graduates and 60% give to social service organizations compared to 46% of all others.

8. The boarding school program allows for a 24/7 learning environment... the classroom is just the beginning.

Why Boarding School?

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