All Souls Remembrance

The month of November, according to an age-old Catholic tradition, is a time of special remembrance of the faithful departed. The Marianist Family of Chaminade includes in their prayers and Masses their departed loved ones. We would like to add your departed family members and friends as well. Please submit the names of your loved ones using the form below. They will be prayerfully remembered and their names will be kept on the Immaculate Conception Altar throughout November. This is our small gift to you for your continued support. As prayers know no boundaries, please invite your friends and neighbors, even if they have no relationship to Chaminade, to submit the names of their late loved ones as well.

We ask the blessings of the founder of our order and our namesake, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, to pray for us and our brothers and sisters who have preceded us to the Kingdom of God.

God bless!

Rev. Ralph A. Siefert, S.M.