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Service Hour Submission Process

Middle School Service Hour Submission

Freshman-Sophomore-Junior Service Hour App

Senior Service Hour Submission Process

Senior Chaminade Service Hour Submission Process:
  • Students perform your Christian Service.
  • Senior Students must submit the following online form:
    High School Service Hours Submission Form
    (This form, if completed correctly using the coordinator's email, will go to the Service Site Coordinator for approval.)
  • Senior Students submit your Service Hours to the Online Service Sower Database. This step is necessary for every ON and OFF-Campus service hour activity (including Chaminade shadow visits, Chaminade high school nights/open house, meals at Fr. Dempsey's Charities, etc.).
Returning Senior Student "Login" Information for Online Service Sower Database:
  • Username: Chaminade Email Address:
    example – ””
  • Password: 5 Digit Student ID #

For a Christian, everything can and should become a prayer. If we do everything for God, then everything becomes a prayer.

- Adele de Batz de Trenquelleon, 1815