Resident Life

Canning Hall is our home for our resident students who hail from the United States and many different countries. Prospective resident students, both U.S. and international, may apply for August, 2018 entry.

Canning Hall is named for Father James Canning, S.M. Fr. Canning was a dedicated and compassionate chaplain at Chaminade. Canning Hall has 51 rooms, two guest rooms, three club rooms, a game room and is presided over by ten prefects and the Resident Director.

You can be part of this dynamic and diverse community.

Resident Student Activities

First Semester

Our Resident Students have the opportunity to participate in several different types of activities on the weekends. Friday nights are typically reserved for the normal U.S. high school events such as football games, mixers, basketball games and dances. Saturday’s are spent off campus at cultural events around the St. Louis area while Sunday mornings are reserved for service work in the community. The boarding school curriculum begins in August with the Esto Vir International Program, an orientation program designed especially for new boarding students to Chaminade. We also host our annual "Welcome to St. Louis Dinner" once all of the students arrive on campus.

Examples of Fall Semester Activities:

  • A day at Six Flags Amusement Park
  • Canoeing, Kayaking, Hiking and Camping
  • A visit to area Haunted Houses
  • Ice skating in Forest Park, the largest urban park in the United States
  • An evening testing problem solving skills at an Escape Room

  • Race car driving

Second Semester

Examples of Spring Semester Activities:

  • Snow skiing
  • A night at the St. Louis Cardinal baseball game
  • Paintball war
  • Laser tag, bowling, and a trampoline park
  • An afternoon at the Missouri Botanical Gardens or the St. Louis Symphony

  • Movies and concerts