Tuition, Financial Aid & Scholarships

Supporting your Son's Esto Vir Journey

We understand that enrolling your son in a private school is a family commitment – for both the student and the parents -- and we are here to help support you as you navigate this important part of the Admissions process.

Need-Based Financial Aid

A critical part of our mission is to enroll the most qualified young men regardless of their financial circumstances. Two types of financial aid awards are available: Direct Grants and Work Grants. Direct Grants are awarded based on financial need and are a direct reduction of tuition. Work Grants are awarded to high school students based on financial need and reduce tuition by the number of hours a student works for the school.

Dates for Applying for Financial Assistance

Families may begin the application process for financial aid after October 1 of the current school year. Please contact Julie Malloy at or at 314-692-6617 if you are a NEW family interested in applying.

Additional information may be found in the comprehensive Financial Assistance Guide.

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