House Standings

House Cup Standings:

Gray House points
Lamourous House points
Mauclerc House points
Meyer House points
O’Donnell House points

Marianist Cup House Competition


The purpose of this competition is to bring out the best in our student body and encourage participation by all students in school. The activities are designed to bring students together, not to divide them. By participating and having fun, a stronger sense of school spirit will prevail. The competition serves not to compare one House to another, but to provide an incentive for Houses to accomplish their goals.

The Marianist Cup competition concludes each year with the Red Devil Relay in mid-April, and the winner is announced at the end of that day.

Events and Criteria:

Each event for the Marianist Cup is worth either 15 points or 60 points. The total points are distributed among the five houses proportionally based on the results of the event. In addition, 60-point events award bonus points to the top three houses, while most 15-point events award bonus points to the top two houses. This video explains our Olympic-style scoring system:

The following 60-point events occur each school year:

  • House Competition Day
  • House Show
  • Red Devil Relay

The following 15-point events occur each school year:

  • Attendance events for school activities
  • Middle School Soccer Tournament
  • Rowdy Red Raffle
  • First Semester Honor Roll
  • Middle School Spelling Bee
  • Lunchtime Academic Quiz League
  • Bring Home the Bacon Collection

The House Captains also determine and plan a number of additional events throughout the school year for points toward the Marianist cup.