Lamourous House

The Lamourous House is named for Marie Therese de Lamourous and her family, who were close friends to Blessed William Joseph Chaminade. When he was persecuted by the French authorities during the time of the Revolution, she provided a place where he could celebrate the mass. During surprise searches of their property, they would either hide Fr. Chaminade or help him to leave stealthily. Later in his life, when he returned from his exile in Saragossa, Spain, Fr. Chaminade put into practice the vision he had received at Our Lady of the Pillar. The Lamourous family was involved in Chaminade’s Sodalities and in his work to re-Christianize France.

The House Crest

The red is for fortitude and the gold is for generosity. Both of these qualities are characteristics of Madame Lamourous. The initialed square stands for deserving service. The white star symbolizes divine quality bestowed from above. The Catherine wheel is indicative of those willing to undergo trials for the Christian faith. The heart symbolizes charity and sincerity. The spider is a reminder of both our human frailty and the amazing strength and power that lies within us. It is also a symbol of tenacity and perseverance. The keys represent liberation, knowledge and unlocking of one’s potential and spiritual power. The cross with the M is the universal Marianist symbol.


House Deans

Mr. Rick Wibbenmeyer (HS)

Mrs. Jessica Young (MS)

High School Mentors

Mr. Rob Grumich / Dr. Xuan (Allison) Chen

Mr. Frank Bennett '01 / Ms. Hannah Bryant

Mr. Shawn Keizer

Mrs. Cynthia Bishop / Mrs. Carla Struckhoff

Mr. Scott Bell / Ms. Sarah Dalton

Middle School Mentors

Mr. Hugh Jones / Mr. Steve Murphy

Mr. Michael Kelley / Mr. Bobby Tull

Mr. Tim Gauvain / Mrs. Julie Lohr

House Captains

Nick Duggan '23, Peter Fesler '23

Gabe Fesler '27

House Counselor

Mr. Vince Viviano '72 (HS)

Mr. Jeff Winter (MS)

Mrs. Laura Griese (MS)

Mrs. Julia Martin (College Counselor)

Campus Minister

Mr. Jonathan Struckhoff '18

Learning Consultants

Mr. Tony DiSalvo (HS)

Mr. Brian Groark (MS)