O'Donnell House

The O’Donnell House is named after Brother John O’Donnell, S.M., who was a working brother for the Society of Mary. Brother John served 43 years as a working brother at Chaminade College Preparatory School. He died in 1973 at the age of 90.

The House Crest

The basic background is a shield as is traditional in heraldry. It is white to symbolize purity and victory. The large cross stands for Christ’s crucifixion and its red color symbolizes Christ’s atoning blood. Across the horizontal bar of the cross are the Latin words Docendo Discimus, which means “By teaching we learn.” The red cross also divides the shield into four parts. The upper left part contains the fleur-de-lis. This signifies two things: the French heritages of the Society of Mary as founded by Blessed William (Guillaume) Chaminade and the instrumental role that the school has had in the St. Louis Catholic community with the fleur-de-lies as a symbol of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. In the lower right portion of the shield are a stylized M and a cross. The M signifies devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the cross once again is the sign of her Son, Jesus. Green represents both the Irish origin of the name O’Donnell and liturgically the color of hope. The motto below the shield carries the name of the house “O’Donnell” and two dates: to the left MCMX (1910), the founding date of Chaminade in St. Louis, and MMIV (2004), the date that this crest was created.


House Deans

Dr. Matthew Crutchfield (HS)

Mr. Eric Burdge '89 (MS)

High School Mentors

Br. Jim Eppy, S.M. / Mrs. Kori Wright

Mr. Bobby Radomski / Mr. Dan Stout

Mr. Michael Corte / Mrs. Sheila Munsell

Dr. Justin Noetzel / Mr. Antoine Torrey

Mrs. Julie Laury

Middle School Mentors

Mr. David McCoy '86 / Mrs. Susie Lawrence

Mr. John Hahn / Mr. Josh Hancock

Mr. Nate Master '07

House Captains

Ethan Divis '23, JP McAlone '23

Torsten Roither '27

House Counselor

Mrs. Amy Tricamo (HS)

Mr. Jeff Winter (MS)

Mrs. Laura Griese (MS)

Mrs. Julia Martin (College Counselor A-L)

Mrs. Dawn Michel (College Counselor M-Z)

Campus Minister

Mr. Michael Hyde '08

Learning Consultants

Mr. Tony DiSalvo (HS)

Mr. Brian Groark (MS)