Food Service

Pedestal Foods is the food service provider for Chaminade College Prep. We provide breakfast and lunch in Café Moe for the students, faculty, staff and any parents who would like to join us from time to time.

Pedestal Foods

We take the responsibility of feeding your son to heart. We understand the connection between good nutrition and good performance – academically and athletically. So you should know Pedestal Foods makes healthy food that tastes great. Whole foods cooked authentically from scratch, starting from a simple list of unprocessed ingredients.

We know that good eating habits are a learned behavior, so we do our best to help our students understand their choices. We make it fun to explore and learn about cultural cuisines by enthusiastically introducing new menu items with presentations about where the food comes from, how it is grown and how it fuels your body. Not all children like to try new foods, but when consistently given the opportunity, you may be surprised by how their tastes can grow with the choices they are offered. We do our part to ensure your student is given the opportunity to learn healthy behaviors that will shape their relationship with food for the rest of their lives.

We are here to serve you by offering a nourishing meal that supports your son's growth and development. To us, that’s priceless. And yet it doesn’t come without a price. Many things impact the cost of a program in our world, such as increase in food prices, new industry regulations or the number of families who participate in our program. We can’t always control these things, but we can promise you this: our quality and service will never waiver.

Our breakfast and lunch menus are posted online on the left side of this page under Menus. Parents and students can view their food service account by logging onto Skyward to see specific items purchased each day and meal account balances.

Each student is assigned a PIN that will activate their meal account at the registers. The computer screen will display their photo, name and account balance. Items being purchased will be rung up and the amount automatically deducted from their account. Students are urged not to allow other students to use their account or reveal their PIN to anyone. Students will not be allowed to accrue a negative balance in their meal account.

Parents may reload the meal accounts online via Skyward Family Access and RevTrak or pay with cash or checks (made out to Chaminade) which will be accepted at the registers in Café Moe when placed in a properly filled out deposit envelope. Please remind your son to put his name on the deposit envelope.

Breakfast is served 6:50 AM until 7:30 AM on normal schedule school days. On LATE START days, breakfast is served 7:30 AM until 8:45 AM. Lunch is served 11:50 AM until 1:35 PM (Middle School: 11:50 AM - 12:15 PM; 9th and 10th grades: 12:30 - 12:55 PM; 11th and 12th grades: 1:10 - 1:35 PM) unless there is a special schedule. The Snack Shack – located in the northeast corner of Café Moe – serves cold drinks, candy and cheese nachos for purchase and is open after school from ‘after prayer’ until 3:30 PM.

Please contact Jon Friganza with any concerns or questions. Email Jon at or call 314-692-6643. We look forward to the opportunity to feed your son. It's an honor and a responsibility we do not take lightly.

Cafeteria Service Volunteer

Cafeteria Volunteers

Thanks for volunteering to help in the cafeteria. Each volunteer gets a free lunch and earns $7 toward their son's food service account.

The Class of 2022 parents are asked to volunteer from April 8th through May 23rd. Click here to sign up as a Cafeteria Volunteer.

Food Service Payment

Online Food Service Payment Instructions

As a convenience to parents, Chaminade and Pedestal Foods provide parents an easy way to add money to their son’s food service account. Online payments can be made into food service accounts through the Skyward Family Access they currently use. We have contracted with RevTrak, a national credit card payment processor, to provide a secure site for making payments.

Online Payments Are Easy and Convenient!

Parents can make online payments from home or work, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. If your son’s food service balance is low, it only takes a few minutes to add money to it using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. Payments are made through the student’s Skyward Family Access account.

To make online payments:

Use your MasterCard or Visa(Debit or Credit Card) – card number and expiration date required

Payments made through Skyward Family Access will immediately be posted to the student’s food service account.

Login to Skyward Family Access. (You will need your username and password)

Select “FoodService” from “General Information” menu on the left.

View Balance and select “Make A Payment”.

Enter payment amount and select “Pay with RevTrak”.

Verify payment amount and select “Go to Checkout”.

Enter your email address.

If a new customer, select “I am a new customer” and enter your email address, your Billing Information, Payment Information and create a password.

If a returning customer select “I am a returning customer” and enter your password. Select Sign in.

Verify information for accuracy and select “Complete Order”.

Payment will be processed and receipt can be viewed and printed.


Click here to access Skyward

The weekly menu runs from Saturday through Friday.

To access online food service payment on Skyward, click here.