Spirit Store

The Spirit Store offers a wide array of Chaminade clothing items including House polo shirts, approved outerwear, hats and caps, P.E. uniforms, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants and a large selection of Chaminade accessories including stadium blankets, car decals, umbrellas, and other spirit merchandise. Gift certificates are available for purchase and may be used to put money on account in the store for students to use as needed.

Spirit Store Hours

During the school year the store is open for students from 11:15 AM - 3:15 PM on all days that school is in session. We are usually also open throughout most of the school day. If our door is open, students, parents and guests should feel free to stop in!

Visitors are currently allowed on campus, but we ask that everyone wears a face mask when inside any campus buildings.  You are also always welcome to place an order on our online store or call us at 314-692-6647 to place an order over the phone using a credit card. You can stop in to pick up an order or we will be glad to make arrangements for contactless delivery.  We can also ship your items for an additional fee.

Spirit Store Accounts/Gift Certificates

Click here to make an online purchase of a Spirit Store Gift Certificate or deposit money to your son's Spirit Store account (Spirit Store purchases only).

Click here to access a paper order form to set up a Spirit Store Account for a Chaminade student.

Online Store

Visit our Online Store to shop online for Spirit Store items.  Orders can be picked up at the Spirit Store or delivered through curbside pickup at no extra charge.  Shipping via UPS is available for $10.95 for orders under $100 and $13.95 for $100+ orders. 

Spirit Store In-Store Gallery

Want to see more of our in-store selection of spirit wear, gifts and accessories and sale items?. Click here to check out the gallery of items available in our on-campus store.  If you would like to make a purchase but cannot make it in to the store, feel free to call us and we can make arrangements for pickup or shipping.  


All required books for the 2020-2021 academic year are available for purchase at BNC K-12 powered by MBS Direct. Go to https://bnck-12.com/chaminade-stl to order from MBS Direct. The Spirit Store will also have a limited supply of used books at discounted rates.

To use “Shop by Schedule”, you will need your son’s 7-digit student ID which is found on Skyward under "Student Info" listed as "Other ID" (i.e.2190056). You are welcome to use the ISBN numbers listed on your son’s book list to purchase books from other online textbook resources or purchase books from other students. Please place your orders with MBS Direct by August 5 in order to ensure that you receive all course materials prior to the August 19 start of school.



Book Buyback

Did you miss this year's Book Buyback? MBS will provide a free shipping label. Go to https://bnck-12.com/chaminade-stl and click on "Menu" and then click on "Sell Your Books" and follow the instructions to complete your quote. Remember to use the same username and password that you used to purchase your books to process your buyback quotes to ensure that you get the highest quotes for your books.  You can always add ISBN numbers from any books that you own (even if you didn't purchase them from MBS) if you'd like to get a buyback quote from MBS.

Make sure you click "COMPLETE YOUR QUOTE" before you print.

Once you create a quote online, you have 30 days to ship and for MBS to receive it. MBS must receive the package within 30 days.

Click here to see watch a 2-minute instructional video.

Click here for more details about buyback.

For more details, contatct Michelle Ostermueller, Spirit Store Manager.
Phone: 314-993-4400 x 1147 or Direct Line 314-692-6647

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