Book Buyback Instructions

Below are the directions for EZ Drop buyback. You can also view the demo at this link.  To sell back books and create a price quote:

1.     Click on the MBS Direct Online link.

2.     Click on “Menu” at top right and select the “Sell Books” button

3.     Enter login information you used when you purchased books

4.     A list of books in the current buyback offer should appear.  Click on “Add Selected Books”.

5.     Enter the ISBNs of any books you want to sell in the "Add Books" section on the right-hand side of the screen. (The ISBN is a 10- or 13-digit number found on the back of a book) and click "Price My Book(s)."

6.     View the price paid to you for each book and select the books you want to sell.

7.     Verify your mailing address.

8.     Click “Finalize My Buyback Quote.”

9.     Print at least TWO copies of the buyback quote.

10.  Bring your books along with at least TWO copies of the quote to the Skip on Book Buyback Day.

The Spirit Store is always accepting all book donations.  

Please keep in mind that some books should be retained from year to year – for example all dictionaries and verb books and Bibles and some language textbooks, workbooks to avoid having to purchase them again. Teachers will make those announcements in class.