Safety Procedures


● Students and Faculty will complete a daily health screening prior to coming to campus.
Anyone experiencing ANY of the symptoms listed in the daily health screen, or who has had recent exposure to someone that has tested positive for COVID-19, is required to stay home until contacted by Sue Rozier, Chaminade Director of Health Services.

● Students should maintain social distance at all times.

● Parents are not to enter the building with students.

● Your teacher/moderator/coach will contact you regarding your assigned location for camp.

● All students should wear masks in hallways, and at any time that they are not socially distanced in classroom.

● Teachers should wear a mask at all times.

● Students will be assigned seats/work areas that are at least 6 feet apart.
For group work/activities, the group will be comprised of those nearest in proximity of their assigned seat/work area.

● Students should use restroom facilities one at a time and only as needed.

● Frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer is required.

● If indoors, classroom door is to remain open at all times.

● If indoors, HVAC fan should run continuously to maintain constant airflow.

● Should a student exhibit symptoms during class, an administrator and school nurse are to be contacted immediately.

● Students should bring a reusable water bottle (refill stations are available but drinking fountains are not).

● Vending machines will not be available for use.

● Students should be dismissed from camp in an orderly fashion, maintaining social distance.

● Students will take all belongings home with them each day.

● High touch areas will be cleaned following each class.