The ARTS Camps


June 12-16, Monday-Friday, 9am-Noon
Boys & Girls Entering Grades 6-12

From improvisation to scene study to physical choices, during our week together we’ll have fun learning advanced acting techniques to bring vivid characters to life on stage. Students will gain specific skills and build knowledge from theatre faculty and through peer analysis that will help them prepare for their next audition or role. An intensive theatrical week that’s sure to result in a big step forward for anyone interested in acting!
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July 17-20, Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm
Boys & Girls Entering Grades 7-10

The Chaminade Band Camp is a fun way for students to expand their musical skills while performing with students with similar interests. Students will gain experience performing in a variety of settings: full band, small group and Jazz. In addition, students will listen to great music and will create their own musical composition.
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