PACE Quote 4

I would recommend taking ACC classes for all the reasons why it financially makes sense in the long run; so those college courses are paid for, cheaper, in the high school setting. But I would go a step further and say that the main draw, for me, was that these ACC classes were engaging, and the teachers, for the most part, created a positively, impactful environment. A combination of challenging, yet enjoyable classes, and the teacher's dedication to the student, convinced me that ACC classes are recommended. 

Vincent Laury '20
University of Dayton

PACE Quote 3

Chaminade made my collegiate and professional goals possible in my expedited time frame. Of my 61 Chaminade college credits that Mizzou accepted, 26 credits applied directly to my civil engineering degree program. Those credit hours will allow me to complete my Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), and a minor in Construction Management (while still taking a semester off to complete a Co-Op work/study opportunity with ARCO Construction) in 4.5 years.

Nick Mollett '18
University of Missouri - Columbia

PACE Quote 2

I graduated with about 24 ACC credits which I transferred to Kentucky. I am in the pre-health program to become a dentist and the ACC courses I transferred in English and history helped to give me space and time in my schedule to take required classes for my major earlier in my college career.

Joe Mitchell '19
University of Kentucky

PACE Quote 1

I am a Chemical Engineering major and a college athlete. The 18 ACC credits I transferred helped me get ahead in some of the required courses. I was able to skip Organic Chemistry I because I took it at Chaminade and started at Tulsa in Organic Chemistry II.  Other benefits are that I can take fewer courses each semester and still graduate on time and as an athlete, it also helps to have a lighter load of classes when I compete and travel with track and field.

Stanley Williams '19
University of Tulsa