PACE Program - Pathway to Access College Early

I am so appreciative of the Dual Enrollment programs I took advantage of at Chaminade as well as the AP courses. I am basically entering college as a Sophomore with 36 credit hours complete. I attend the University of Georgia. Virtually none of the new students here have as many credit hours as me. This offers me such confidence as I work toward my degree.

Matthew Proskey
Class of 2017
University of Georgia

From the parent point of view, I think anything that can get kids a step ahead when they reach college level, especially with the cost of university tuition today, is absolutely worthwhile and should be pursued.

Lexi Dillon
Mother of Jack Jennings Class of 2017
Who is attending University of Dayton

I couldn’t be happier with the college credit program at Chaminade. Because of this program, I was able to graduate a year early and that saved me a large amount of money. Taking college credit classes was essential to my Chaminade and college education.

Paul Eppy
Class of 2015
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

I never thought filling out the short application would go such a long way in college. By having nearly my entire core list of classes finished before ever stepping foot on campus, it opened a huge realm of possibilities for additional majors or minors. In addition, it significantly opened up the possibilities for taking smaller class loads, or even graduating early.

Ross Weller
Class of 2015
Texas Christian University

Chaminade Membership in
State and National Accrediting Alliances

The Chaminade PACE Program is a Dual Credit program that allows our high school students to earn college credit while attending Chaminade that can then transfer to a college or university upon graduation.


  • Premier option for CCP students to earn college credit through dual-credit high school courses from nationally accredited programs.
  • Stand-out opportunity for a robust and rigorous college-level coursework experience.
  • College-level classroom experience taught by Chaminade faculty authorized as Adjunct Instructors for nationally accredited partner colleges and universities.

CLICK HERE for an overview of PACE.

Additional benefits of the PACE Program include:

  • Offering students a head start on an Undergraduate Degree.
  • Affording students earlier transition into a Masters Program.
  • Allowing access to college credit courses at a significantly reduced cost.
  • Providing flexibility to Double Major.
  • Planning for a Gap Year.

Chaminade is expanding the visibility of the PACE Program in our school and beyond, building relationships with our university constituencies, while remaining dedicated to our Chaminade mission: “Preparing our young men for college and life and making them men the world needs them to be”. The PACE Program is a bridge to escalate the college education of a Chaminade student to a university through a robust advanced college credit and advanced placement curriculum. The design of this program allows our students, simultaneously, to receive rigorous college-level coursework for both high school and college-level course credits and transfer these credits toward a degree program at a university.

Firmly grounded in the Marianist tradition, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade invited his educational communities to engage and envision “New Times, New Methods”. Chaminade College Preparatory School has always encouraged intellectual discourse and creative imagination in facing new times while relying on our faith-filled view. With changing economics and rising college costs, the PACE Program provides an affordable opportunity for our Chaminade students to transfer their college credits earned in high school to a university of their choosing.* The PACE Program has fostered a transformative educational experience for the Chaminade student, inspiring him to think critically, plan wisely and purposefully for his future.


  • Chaminade offers advanced college credit courses in all nine academic departments.
  • Over 100 advanced college credit courses are offered for students to choose from throughout their high school experience.
  • More than 75% of Chaminade graduates have been awarded college credit, a number of which have been able to enter college with 1-2 years’ worth of credit.

Highly credentialed and qualified Chaminade faculty are authorized Adjunct University Instructors for Missouri Baptist University, Saint Louis University and the University of Missouri-St. Louis and deliver customized academic instruction to our students in preparation for a seamless transition for their college academic experiences. In addition, Chaminade STEM faculty are credentialed Adjunct University Instructors for the CISCO Technology Academy and Project Lead The Way engineering courses taught for college credit.

Families are strongly encouraged to check with individual colleges to understand how advanced college credit earned while at Chaminade will transfer to their college/university of choice. Each college has their own process for the transfer of credit.

ACC course descriptions are available in the curriculum guide.

The academic departments that offer AP courses
are Classical and Modern Languages, English, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Practical Arts, Science and Social Studies.

Chaminade faculty who teach AP courses are highly trained, participate in College Board professional development and accountable to maintain College Board standards.

  • In an AP course, the student must pass the AP end-of-course exam to be eligible to apply for college credit once the student graduates from high school.
  • Generally, the student must score a 3, 4, or 5 on the AP exam.
  • Students then send their AP scores to each college/university where they plan to attend, and the college/university has the final determination of how much credit they will award for the course.
  • There is no standard amount of credit awarded by each college/university for an AP course because specific standards for accepting AP courses as college credit may vary greatly.
  • If a college or university awards advanced placement based on your AP Exam scores, that means the student might be able to skip introductory classes and go straight into higher-level classes. It might also mean that the student can skip courses that the college requires students to take to fulfill general education requirements.

Colleges may offer both credit and placement, just credit, or just placement for successful AP scores. The student is encouraged to visit each colleges’ website or talk to an admission officer to find out which kind of recognition is offered.

AP course descriptions are available in the curriculum guide.

Please note that the AP exam is required, unless otherwise stated as an optional exam.

AP Biology
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP Comparative Government and Politics (Optional AP Exam)
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Computer Science A
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Environmental Science (Optional Exam)
AP European History
AP French Language & Culture (Optional AP Exam)
AP Latin (Optional AP Exam)
AP Macroeconomics (Optional AP Exam)
AP Microeconomics (Optional Exam)
AP Music Theory (Optional AP Exam)
AP Honors Physics 1(Optional AP Exam)
AP Honors Physics 2 (Optional AP Exam)
AP Physics C: Mechanics (Optional AP Exam)
AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism (Optional AP Exam)
AP Psychology (Optional AP Exam)
AP Spanish Language & Culture (Optional AP Exam)
AP Statistics
AP Studio Art
AP United States Government and Politics
AP United States History
AP World History