PACE Program

Pathway to Access College Early

I am so appreciative of the Dual Enrollment programs I took advantage of at Chaminade as well as the AP courses. I am basically entering college as a Sophomore with 36 credit hours complete. I attend the University of Georgia. Virtually none of the new students here have as many credit hours as me. This offers me such confidence as I work toward my degree.

Matthew Proskey
Class of 2017
University of Georgia

From the parent point of view, I think anything that can get kids a step ahead when they reach college level, especially with the cost of university tuition today, is absolutely worthwhile and should be pursued.

Lexi Dillon
Mother of Jack Jennings Class of 2017
Who is attending University of Dayton

I couldn’t be happier with the college credit program at Chaminade. Because of this program, I was able to graduate a year early and that saved me a large amount of money. Taking college credit classes was essential to my Chaminade and college education.

Paul Eppy
Class of 2015
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

I never thought filling out the short application would go such a long way in college. By having nearly my entire core list of classes finished before ever stepping foot on campus, it opened a huge realm of possibilities for additional majors or minors. In addition, it significantly opened up the possibilities for taking smaller class loads, or even graduating early.

Ross Weller
Class of 2015
Texas Christian University

The Chaminade PACE Program is a Dual Credit program that allows our high school students to earn college credit while attending Chaminade that can then transfer to a college or university upon graduation.

The PACE Program can benefit you by:

  • Earning a minimum of 18 college credit hours through the required Chaminade curriculum (1 semester of college)
  • Earning over 30 college credit hours through additional electives in English, math, science, social studies, languages, fine arts, practical arts, and theology (1 year of college)
  • Earning 60 or more college credit hours by following a PACE sequenced outline of courses for the student (2 years of college)

Additional benefits of the PACE Program include:

  • Bridging the process of earning a college degree and escalating the attainment of a Bachelor's Degree, double major or begin work on a Master's Degree
  • Earning college credit that can fulfill many university general studies requirements, including English, math, science, history and language courses
  • Saving money on tuition and books (dual credit cost is only 20% of normal tuition)
  • Learning from Master's and Ph.D. level Chaminade faculty