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Academic Excellence in a Supportive Environment

Chaminade provides a modern, academically challenging curriculum using personalized instruction. Our classrooms, averaging 17 students, are student-centered and address multiple learning styles of young men. Taught by talented faculty with advanced degrees in the subjects they teach, Chaminade emphasizes the skills needed for academic success. Beginning in middle school, pre-Advanced Placement (AP) skills such as critical thinking and reasoning are developed so that our students can access the 26 AP classes offered in our high school.

As a college preparatory program, Chaminade is committed to teaching young men how to be successful in college and in life. We believe students can be successful when appropriately supported. Chaminade's alternating block schedule allows for longer classroom experiences for debates, labs, and deeper academic engagement. There is intentional focus on Executive Function skills – how to learn, how to prepare, how to organize – skills that pay dividends throughout life. Chaminade's schedule includes an Academic Lab for students to seek out enrichment or instruction. As the first Catholic school in St. Louis with a 1:1 laptop program, Chaminade has embraced technology in the classroom and knows its place. Our goal is for Chaminade students to ENJOY THEIR ACADEMIC JOURNEY.