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House System


The purpose of the House System is to further enhance the mission of the school by developing Marianist leaders among the students, by providing a vehicle for pastoral care for all students and by strengthening the school community.


  • To assure individual care by providing each student with at least four significant adults in his school life.
  • To develop stronger bonds between divisional levels in the school family.
  • To create opportunities for all seniors to serve as leaders.
  • To provide more opportunities for leadership to a wider range of underclassmen

House System Facts

  • There are five Houses and each House consists of students in grades 6 through 12
  • There are approximately 170 students in each House-105 high school students and 65 middle school students
  • Each House is overseen by two Deans--one for middle school and one for the high school
  • Each house has eight Mentor Groups, each overseen by a Mentor
  • Each middle school Mentor Group contains 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students with two senior leaders
  • Each high school Mentor Group contains 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students with two senior leaders
  • Each student is assigned to the same House for middle school and high school
  • Each student has the same Deans his entire time at Chaminade
  • Each middle school student has the same Mentor throughout Middle School
  • Each high school student has the same Mentor in at least 9th through 11th grade
  • Elected student leaders are called House Captains or Middle School Captains
  • There are two senior House Captains in each House; they will be elected by their fellow seniors
  • There is one 8th grade Middle School Captain in each House; he will be elected by his fellow 8th grade students
  • Senior Leaders are responsible for the effective functioning of the Mentor Group and they work with their Mentor and their Dean
  • Mentor Groups meet for 15 minutes each morning
  • Mentor Group is a time first and foremost for building camaraderie across divisions; it is also for school announcements, tutoring discussion, and activities
  • Mentors will monitor and support academic, social, spiritual, and behavioral growth of the students in the Mentor Group
  • House Deans assist Mentors in their support of students, and they oversee the effective running of the House
  • House Deans and Mentors serve as another point of contact and support for parents
  • School counselors work closely with Mentors and Deans to support students
  • School administrators are responsible for making official decisions on the academic and behavioral development of the students


A group of students from several divisions that meet every morning prior to classes. There are three middle school and five high school Mentor Groups per House.
A faculty member chosen to oversee the effective development of the House and the students within the House. There is a middle school Dean and a high school Dean in each House
A faculty member chosen to oversee the effective development of the Mentor Group and the students within the Mentor Group. He or she has approximately 18 underclassmen and two seniors in the Mentor Group
The senior or eighth grade student elected by his House peers to lead all students within a House and to represent his House and the student body in all school events
All seniors are expected to be leaders. There are at least two Senior Leaders per Mentor Group and approximately 24 seniors per House.