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Technology in the Classroom

Chaminade is dedicated to giving students access to the latest and greatest technological advances in order to prepare them for success in the digital age.
The ZSpace lab brings curriculum to life. The lab features 24-inch flat screen computers with immersive 3D technology, allowing students to dissect a human brain, explore the inside of a volcano, take apart a jet engine, and gain other experiences that could not be possible within the walls of a traditional classroom.
ZSpace is just one part of the Chaminade MakerSpace, which also includes 3D printers, a 3D scanner, Virtual Reality goggles, microcomputers, coding opportunities, robotics equipment, and more. These technologies integrate into the curriculum and give students hands-on opportunities to learn and create.
Each classroom at Chaminade has interactive display technology, including over 30 Promethean boards. Unlike a traditional projector, Promethean Boards have built in Android operating systems, allowing teachers to move seamlessly between a variety of instructional activities without the need to hook up a computer.