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Chaminade has a unique educational mission rooted in our Catholic Marianist identity.


Our long-standing traditions have contributed to the continuation of our mission and identity. Throughout our school's history, we have enjoyed a close association with the Society of Mary and our identity has been enhanced by the constant presence of Marianist priests and brothers serving as administrators, faculty and staff.


Special emphasis is given to educate students to read and think critically in order to write and communicate effectively and help them prepare for their future by developing the necessary research skills, formal and creative writing skills and analytical skills.


Chaminade strives to be innovative in our educational efforts and sensitive to the needs of all of our students. This can be seen in the development of our laptop program which allows us to use the latest educational technology to enhance the classroom learning experience. Teachers use various methodologies and pedagogies to present the curriculum including power point presentations, videos, group discussion, guest speakers, field trips, lab-oriented experiments and interdisciplinary methods to meet different learning styles in the classroom.


For those students needing extra help, teachers often provide one-on-one tutoring opportunities before and after school and facilitate peer tutoring by advanced-level students.

We hope you become a part of the Chaminade Family!