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Cyberbully Hotline

Use the Safe School Helpline® to report threats of violence, depression, and illegal activity that could harm students in our school. Your report is private, confidential, and anonymous.

Safe School Helpline

The Safe School Helpline number is 800-418-6423 x359 for voice messages and 614-426-0240 TIPS for text messages. A mobile app, Safe School Helpline, is also available.

How does it work?

The Safe School Helpline can receive text messages and phone reports. To send a voice call, simply dial the number and speak to the representative. To send a text message, send TIPS to the text number.  The service is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who receives the messages?

A member of the Safe School Helpline will take the message – either voice or text – assign the report a unique case number and passes the report along to the Middle School Principal or the Associate Principal for Student Development.


Students are encouraged to report bullying situations to an adult on campus. This may include an administrator, teacher, or counselor. In most instances, the reporter will remain anonymous. If a student isn’t comfortable reporting directly to a trusted adult, they are encouraged to use Chaminade’s anonymous reporting system, the Safe School Helpline.

Is the system anonymous?

Yes, if the caller or sender wishes to remain anonymous.  Only the case number and information given are provided to the school.

Using the case number, more information can always be provided at a later date.

What information should be sent?

Since the service is anonymous, we don’t know who is sending the message/tip. The more information we are given, the more help we can provide immediately. Users are encouraged to provide as much information as possible or as much as they feel comfortable providing.

If a report is regarding violence or harmful acts that are being planned by others, we ask that you give as much specific information as possible immediately so we can ensure the safety of all students and faculty.

Anyone who would like to leave a call back number, or his or her identity, is encouraged to do so.

What happens next?

Security Voice will send a typed copy of your message to the school. The school will then investigate the report, and determine how best to act on it.

When can I report?

 You may report anytime, day or night. If calling, make sure that your call is not overheard.

Who can call this number?

Everyone within our school community, including: 

• students • parents • teachers/staff

Can I change my message later? How will you know who is calling?

Yes. When you leave a message, you are given a case number that is yours alone. Enter that same case number when updating your message or answering additional questions.

How will I know if any action has been taken?

After three school days, call the toll-free number and enter your case number when prompted. A recording will let you know your message was heard and may ask you for more information. If reporting by text or on the web, Security Voice will contact you via a text or email. Your answers will be sent to the school administration for further investigation. Administration actions may be confidential, but your report is always important.

 Is a Mobile App available?

Yes. A free mobile app is available for Apple and Android phones at the Apple Store (search Safe School Helpline) and Google Play (search Safe Schools Helpline).

Can I send photos or videos?

Yes. You may email photos and videos to [email protected]. Please reference your case number when sending. Also, photos and videos can be sent using the text and internet reporting options.