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Moderator: Mr. Jack Keithley

Chaminade's Bocce Club has been in existence since 2011. Involvement in the Bocce Club has benefits beyond the game. Lasting friendships are formed with students from other schools in this relaxed, enjoyable sport. Commitment is minimal, making it easy for members to come and go as their schedule dictates.

The bocce team plays every Thursday afternoon from mid-September till the end of February at the Italia America Bocce Club in the Hill neighborhood of St. Louis. Members play against other area single sex as well as coed Catholic high schools.

Eligibility Requirements:
Student in grades 10-12
The club meets on Thursdays after school 3:15pm and goes no later than 5pm. The grades are 6th thru 12th. There are no fees to be a member.

Moderator: Dr. Noël Pretila

Heavybag Boxing Club is a 50 minute non-contact full boxing/kickboxing workout consisting of warm-up (first 10 minutes), heavy bag work/focus mitts (next 30 minutes), and abdominals (last 10 minutes). Despite being a boxing/kick-boxing workout, there is no sparring involved and no contact between participants. Rather, the participants are the ones throwing punching and kicking combinations at the heavy bags and focus mitts at the direction of the trainer. Students must have their own transportation to get to the gym.

The club meets together twice during the week (Wednesday at 5:30 pm and Friday at 5:30 pm) at the BOX STL Gym in Ballwin at 14069 Manchester Rd Ballwin, MO 63011. Students can come to the workouts whenever they want.

See this handout for more information and links to the online waiver forms as well as a detailed checklist that needs to be completed before the first class.

Eligibility Requirements:
Student in grades 9-12
CSPN (Chaminade Student Programming Network)

Moderator: Mr. Scott Bell

CSPN broadcast live streams of Chaminade sporting events on and some events on YouTube. We cover (but not limited to) most home Varsity Soccer, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, and Volleyball games. We also broadcast several non-athletic events like graduation, senior class day, etc.
Eligibility Requirements:
Student in grades 9-12 (there are some opportunities for Middle Schoolers as well)
The Chess Club meets every Tuesday 3PM-4PM throughout the school year. Students compete against one another. There is a competition season for those that are interested.
Eligibility Requirements:
Interest in the game of chess or learning to play chess.
We play chess against other schools in the Gateway Chess League, and we play in tournaments in the St. Louis area. This group is separate from the Chess Club in that is it competitive.

We meet every Tuesday for club practices, and most Wednesday's for team matches.
Eligibility Requirements:
Student in grades 6-12
Moderators: Josh Hanock and Charles Heisinger

The CCP Fishing Club provides students that love fishing and students that are new to fishing a community space to share techniques, fishing spots, and learn from each other. The club is the perfect fit for the seasoned fisherman or the novice angler. The weekend fishing trips are a great way to bring students of different ages and interests together to unwind in nature and experience the excitement that fishing offers. The club presents students with opportunities in service, leadership, and conservation. Students, along with the moderator, plan several outings each semester to off-campus locations such as Westover Farms, Busch Wildlife Area, and privately-owned lakes and streams with fishing access.

The club also competes against other local high schools in a spring fishing tournament.

Eligibility: Grades 6 - 12.
The Chaminade Ping Pong Club plays throughout the year as a fun way to stay active and involved in a school club
The club gives students an opportunity to have fun and make friends in a low commitment activity held throughout the year. Mix international and Domestic students in a fun and semi-competitive atmosphere. Allow for students who are involved in other sports and activities a chance to play in seasons where they do not have other commitments.
Ping pong is a fun activity that does not require a lot of pre-experience. It is a club that allows for students of all grade levels and ability levels to spend a few hours a month with their peers, having fun and learning a new sport.
Ping Pong meets in the commons once a week through the entire school year except for weeks when Mr. Baczynski is traveling.
Eligibility Requirements:
Student in grades 6-12
Moderator: Mr. Steve Murphy
CLICK HERE for a video about Ultimate Frisbee.
Chaminade Ultimate was founded in 2008. Ultimate Frisbee meets during the Spring sports season (March to May). Practices are held on the football field on Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:15-4:15PM. Club fees and uniforms run approximately $75-$125.
Eligibility Requirements:
Student in grades 9-12