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Resident Staff

In addition to Mr. James Chrismer, '85, Resident Director, there is an entire resident department support staff available to offer emotional, educational, social and medical assistance to our resident students. There are fourteen adult resident assistants (prefects) on campus, seven personal counselors and two college counselors to help nurture and aid the young men under our care. Some of the other members of the team include:


Mr. Brett Pahl; Dorm Parent and Resident Coordinator for Student Development

As the Resident Coordinator for Student Development, Brett will address issues involving poor decision making by the resident students. Using Blessed William Joseph Chaminade's principal of "a prudent tendency towards leniency," Brett will meet with the offending student, help him understand what he did wrong, explain his responsibilities for the infraction, and discuss with the student how behavior should be modified in the future.

In addition, Brett coordinates with school organizations and local venues to create an activity schedule full of fun and exciting experiences.  From kayaking to Cardinal baseball games, paintball to Six Flags, movies to museums, Brett fills the monthly calendar with activities that appeal to boys of all ages.

Ms. Tea Siradze; Dorm Parent

As Dorm Parent from the country of Georgia, Ms. Siradze has a unique perspective in terms of understanding what the young men in the dormitory from all over the world are experiencing. She provides the nurturing, pastoral guidance and support of a mother while, at the same time, working as an ESL teacher and holding the boys accountable for their schoolwork. She is available full time in the residence hall to provide academic, emotional, social and cultural support whenever necessary.

Dr. Xuan Chen — Resident Coordinator for Cultural Integration

Xuan Chen serves as the Resident Students' Cultural Counselor. She works closely with the resident students, especially the Chinese resident students and their parents, on a daily basis. She helps the parents who are far away acquire information and answers questions they may have about the school and their sons. She also helps the international resident students better understand the rules and cultural differences about American school and life. Lastly, Dr. Chen provides emotional support and another nurturing voice for students as they adjust to the academic and residential culture at Chaminade.

Libby Quinonez

Ms. Libby Quinones, RN — School Nurse

As a full-time Registered Nurse at Chaminade, Libby Quinonez, RN, manages the health care needs of our young resident men, to keep them safe and healthy. Prior to school nursing, Libby worked in the hospital setting and still works as a Labor and Delivery nurse. The Health Center has an office for assessment, treatment, and medication administration. We also have "sick rooms" where students can rest when it is determined to be beneficial. When a resident student is too sick to attend classes, he stays in the infirmary, where he can be closely monitored throughout the day by the nurse.

Additional Resident Staff:

Mr. Brett Pahl – Resident Coordinator for Student Development

Mr. Mark Baczynski – Director of Resident Admissions and Retention

Mr. Tim Sartori – Counseling Department Chairman

Ms. Tea Siradze – Dorm Parent

Mr. Matt Suthoff – Dorm Parent