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Fund A Need

Chaminade students in front of ChapelSince 1910, Chaminade has been the institution in St. Louis for families to send their sons to develop academically, culturally, and spiritually.  It is this focus on developing the whole person that turns our students into the Chaminade Gentlemen they are meant to be; becoming leaders that can go out and serve their own communities.  We are proud that the transformative process of a Chaminade education continues for all of our current students; with each having their own unique Esto Vir journey.  We invite you to watch the video below, as one of our students, senior Khai Colebrooke, tells us about his Esto vir journey and the impact Chaminade has had on him and his family.

This year, our focus for the Fund-A-Need is aimed at ensuring the continued accessibility of a Chaminade education. As educational costs rise, we recognize the importance of making Chaminade accessible to all young men who aspire to be part of our community. Currently, over 50% of our student population benefits from some form of financial assistance, with an impressive $4.7 million awarded in grants. The average grant, totaling $9,200, plays a pivotal role in shaping the futures of many families, helping to bridge the gap between aspiration and reality.

By contributing to this year's Fund-A-Need, you directly impact the lives of these young men, making a Chaminade education an achievable dream for those who may otherwise face financial barriers.